Alex Huxley 

Stickmaker - Rural Artisan - Countryside Management 

I am a self taught Walking Stick Maker And Coppice Worker. 
I started out from an early age whittling with a pen knife and collecting sticks. It has progressed from a hobby into a business. 

My Grandmother installed a passion for nature and the natural environment that took me from an Urban life to a Country life. 

What Alex Does

My Business is made up of Stick Making: Craftwork and Demonstration, Coppicing (Stick shanks, Selected Coppice Products, Timber)Environmental Management and Gardening.

Sticks For Sale

Carved Sticks.

Crook Sticks.

Antler Sticks.

Knob Sticks.

Rustic Sticks.

Chopping Boards and other wood products

Handmade Wooden Products from Air Dried wood

Custom Sticks

Examples of Previous Work as a Reference

Woodland Management 

Coppice Work

Tree Planting

Land Maintenance

Fully Licensed Chainsaw Work

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